"Since I've been coming to Donna for Pilates not only do I feel stronger but I am doing my life better."

Tigger Bruenn

"I feel like I'm walking on air!"
(after a solo session with Richard)

Michael Salke

I just want to say that I've been taking Pilates from Richard for months now and it's unlike any exercise regimen I have ever participated in and, I have participated in many. Richard has extensive knowledge of human anatomy and has used it to design a safe, effective and realistic approach to human holistic fitness. Very well thought out and based in extensive research and years of experience! I personally am regaining strength and am realizing how much my body can do, even as I find myself well into my 50th (years) on this earth! Thank you Richard! I am profoundly grateful for you and the dedication you bequeath to your students! And thank you for being just down the hill!!!

    -Jan Healey
Life Transition Guide and Soul Speaker


Richard Squailia has helped me transform and heal my body through yoga and pilates over the years I have known him. His genius comes through his ability to work with you at where you are at and always move forward, every session. He is down to earth yet has a way to transmit some of the deeper yogic philosophies while working out. This enriches the session and helps the mind-body connection function at a higher level. 
If you want a caring and thoughtful instructor who will get you the results you are after and maybe did not think even possible Richard is your man.

        -- Lawrence Carroll Peak Performance Life Coach and Educational Consultant

I mix Spinning, running and Pilates. Pilates is great for posture. When you first do Pilates, you don’t feel anything and don’t know that anything is happening. As you continue, it really strengthens from the inside out. I like using a reformer [a Pilates exercise machine] more than doing mat work. The counterweight keeps me engaged.
— Lucy Liu